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IMI Sensors introduces New and improved High Temperature Accelerometers

Ideal for Vibration Measurement on Gas Turbines. IMI Sensors Model EX600B13/14 for Gas Turbine Monitoring.

IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., announces the immediate availability of its new and improved high temperature accelerometers for vibration measurement in gas turbines in areas of up to 900°F (482°C). Vibration monitoring of gas turbines provides critical information to diagnose potential problems, leading to an increase in uptime and decrease in unplanned maintenance, catastrophic failures and accidents. The new high temperature EX600B13 sensors feature one piece construction with hermetically sealed integral hard-line cable designed to withstand extreme heat environments.

EX600B13 represents innovation in high temperature accelerometer technology for gas turbine monitoring. It offers significantly improved performance for dealing with transient temperature changes, a common condition in gas turbines. In addition, by coupling an integral sensor, cable, and charge amplifier in a single high-temperature accelerometer assembly, gas turbine operators have a complete measuring chain that eliminates contamination and common mode noise concerns. The in-line charge amplifier allows for use with standard data acquisition equipment.

"Our new high temperature accelerometer gives you the best high temperature performance of any intrinsically safe approved industrial accelerometer on the market," said Eric Yax, Director of Sales and Marketing at IMI-Sensors | Energy Division. "It has multiple sensitivities and is available with hazardous areas approvals."

These high temperature accelerometer assemblies include a side-exit charge mode sensor, 10-foot integral hermetically sealed hard-line cable, and in-line charge amplifier for multiple power generation monitoring applications, including placement on turbines, exhaust systems, and piping in heat environments of +900°F/+482°C.

IMI's EX600B13 and EX600B14 assemblies are designed as drop-in replacements for existing accelerometers with ARINC® three-point mounting bases, and have a higher temperature range than many competing sensor types. Model EX600B13 has 100 mV/g [10.2 mV/(m/s²)] sensitivity and Model EX600B14 has 10 mV/g [1.02 mV/(m/s²)]sensitivity. The wide frequency range for EX600B13 and EX600B14 is (±5%) 282 to 240000 cpm (4.7 to 4000 Hz), making them ideal high temperature accelerometer assemblies for the measurement of gas turbine vibration.

April 2013

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