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New Sound Level Meter from Larson Davis

SoundExpert™ LxT for General Product Evaluation and Noise Monitoring Applicaitons

Larson Davis - a division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., announces their new SoundExpert™ LxT Sound Level Meter, a full-featured meter designed for general product evaluation and noise monitoring applications. This rugged, hand-held meter comes equipped with a graphic display and a fixed set of firmware options and is backed by a 2-year factory warranty, 24-hour application support, and an accredited factory service/calibration. The SoundExpert LxT can also be purchased as a kit that includes a small protective case, a D-cell battery pack, a microphone protection shroud, and a 10 ft. cable. This kit makes noise monitoring easy and convenient to transport, deploy, and utilize.

The SoundExpert LxT was specifically designed to provide a simple, easy-to-use meter to provide professional measurements to support product engineering or basic noise monitoring applications.

For product noise evaluation, the SoundExpert LxT provides a necessary tool for noise and vibrations labs with the functions, metrics, and accessories needed to help develop quieter products. This instrument is well suited for acoustic development in the automotive, motorcycle, appliance, turbine, and speaker industries. This meter is also the perfect tool to use for production line acoustic testing to qualify and inspect a wide range of products and sub-assemblies. The SoundExpert LxT meter provides an affordable method to measure noise for pass/fail assessments and for archiving future traceability. Available with free field or random incidence microphones and with a detachable preamplifier and microphone and comes with extension cable options from 6 to 200 feet, this device makes noise measurement and recording simple and portable.

The SoundExpert LxT Noise Monitoring kit was designed as a lightweight, affordable system that is easily transported and quickly deployed. It will gather data for up to two weeks using battery power and can then be retrieved for data download and report generation. This system provides an effective solution for the monitoring of construction sites, mining operations, wind farms, public venues, and more.

April 2013

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