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IMI Sensors receives INMETRO Certification for the Vibration Switches Line

Sensor is approved for use in hazardous locations - IMI Sensors Model EX686B for use in hazardous locations

IMI Sensors, the world's largest manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, such as accelerometers, vibration transmitters and switches, announced the certification of EX686B series smart vibration sensors by INMETRO - Brazilian Institute of Metrology and Quality - for use in hazardous locations. Typical hazardous areas include petroleum refineries, utility gas plants, and oil drilling operations.

Model 686B is a USB programmable electronic vibration switch that provides continuous machinery protection by sensing vibration and triggering an alarm or shutting down a machine if vibration exceeds a given threshold level. The switch is exclusive to IMI Sensors and is one of a kind in the industry. Typical vibration faults include imbalance, misalignment, looseness, worn bearings, cracked gears or lack of lubrication.

The INMETRO approval means that EX686B series sensors can be used in hazardous areas, including petrochemical and energy applications, as well as any environment involving combustibles. The European equivalent of INMETRO is ATEX; the North American equivalent is CSA.

The Definitive Certification granted for EX686 is valid for 18 months, requiring that IMI Sensors engrave the INMETRO seal, certificate number, as well as the TUV logo directly on the sensor itself. TUV is the approval body of INMETRO. In order to receive the INMETRO certification, IMI Sensors provided electrical schematic and test reports while TUV audited the manufacturing locations prior to finalizing the certification.

INMETRO is the national authority in Brazil in charge of standardization, primary laboratory tests, products certification (noise, vibration, security), etc. located in Rio de Janeiro. The certificate is valid indefinitely, audited every 18 months pending any standards changes, in which case it needs to be recertified.

Additional information about IMI's complete line of vibration switches can be found at: https://www.imi-sensors.com/Literature.aspx. For more information on EX686B series, please download the Smart Vibration Switch brochure or contact IMI Sensors at: 1-800-959-4464.

About Larson Davis
Larson Davis offers a full line of Noise and Vibration measurement instrumentation; including Type 1 sound level meters, personal noise dosimeters, octave band, audiometric calibration systems, microphones and preamplifiers, hearing conservation software, and Human Vibration Exposure Monitors. Products are used for measurement of building acoustics, community & environmental noise monitoring, as well as supporting various automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. As a division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., Larson Davis guarantees Total Customer Satisfaction through our outstanding limited warranty; no charge, 24-hour toll-free technical support; global distribution; and worldwide customer service.

About IMI-Sensors
IMI-Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, is the world's largest manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation such as accelerometers, vibration transmitters, and switches. These sensors, featuring rugged stainless steel housings, survive in harsh environments like paper mills, steel mills, mines, water treatment facilities, and power plants. Integrating with portable analyzers and PLC's, IMI instrumentation helps maintenance departments reduce downtime and protect critical machinery. IMI's fast delivery Platinum Products include industrial accelerometers and accessories all covered by a Lifetime Warranty and guaranteed to be in stock. Visit us at www.imi-sensors.com.

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PCB Piezotronics is a world leader in the manufacture of piezoelectric quartz sensors, accelerometers and associated electronics for the measurement of dynamic pressure, force and vibration. The company's ICP® sensors incorporating microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry within the sensor housing are an industry standard and their widespread popularity has made PCB Piezotronics an enduring success worldwide. The company's mission statement - Total Customer Satisfaction - is not only supported by products that offer outstanding value but also by an industry exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus.
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May 2013

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