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PCB Load & Torque announces redesigned line of General Purpose Load Cells

Competitively priced load cells backed by an industry-leading company with best-in-class quality, performance, customer service and delivery

PCB Load & Torque is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned line of general purpose and fatigue rated load cells. The product line includes competitively priced fatigue rated and general purpose load cells that come in a variety of mechanical configurations such as low profile, canister, rod-end, and s-type--all of which provide excellent accuracy at an affordable price.

Designed and manufactured at PCB Load & Torque, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Mich., PCB® general purpose load cells are suitable for a wide range of general force measurement applications such as weighing, structural testing, and material test machines. All offer a high level of accuracy, and operate in both tension and compression.

PCB general purpose load cells are available in standard capacities that range from 25 lb to 200 klb, with a standard static error band (±0.03% to 0.06%) non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability, and extraneous load sensitivity. In addition, they have an A2LA accredited calibration to ISO 17025 in both tension and compression directions and include thermal and barometric compensation.

June 2013

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