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PCB Piezotronics announces continued promotion of IEC Microphones for Automotive Applications

PCB® continues to develop microphones with best-in-class quality and performance at an affordable price, while offering local support

PCB Piezotronics is pleased to announce that it will continue to commit talent and resources to develop the company's line of IEC and A2LA compliant microphones for automotive applications. PCB® offers a variety of microphones for automotive testing such as condenser, pre-polarized, array, probe, free field, pressure and random incidence -- all of which provide excellent accuracy at an affordable price and unmatched local support before and after the sale.

"Consumers are generally looking for quality test and measurement sensors that fit their budgets and accurately measure sound pressure levels and make their jobs easier by improving the processes for set-up and data recording," explained Mark Valentino, Microphone Product Manager at PCB Piezotronics. "PCB has a diverse offering of microphones, with its 'best in class' warranty, so that end users have a large selection to match their needs and provide the best value for their application."

PCB® is highly responsive to customer needs through its local support and after-sale services, including product repairs and calibration in the company's A2LA accredited laboratory. PCB® invented ICP® technology, which is the same technology that all pre-polarized IEC 61094 compliant microphones are designed around, so PCB microphone customers can also rely on superior technical support from the company's team of acoustic experts.

Augut 2013

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