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IMI Sensors wins 2014 "Best of Sensors Expo" Award

EchoPlus® Wireless Junction Box in Tailings Pond Applications was recognized at this Leading Industry Event

IMI Sensors was presented with the 2014 Best of Sensors Expo Silver Application Award for the EchoPlus® Wireless Junction Box by Sensors Magazine. Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor of the magazine, presented the awards at the Sensors Expo & Conference on June 26 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

"We were thrilled to receive so many nominations for this year's awards on applications and innovations in the world of sensors, and to recognize excellence among engineers," said Dirjish. "The nominations demonstrated exceptional innovation in engineering, applications, and sensor technology, and we applaud all of the winners and all the hard work they put in."

A total of eleven awards were presented in four categories including Engineering Team of the Year, Rising Star Award, Application Award and Innovation Award. The Best of Sensors Expo award winners will be featured on the Sensors Expo and Sensors Magazine websites www.sensorsexpo.com and www.sensorsmag.com.

About the winning application and sensor solution:
Condition monitoring is quite tricky on tailings pond pumps used in mines. These pumps are located on small islands in the middle of highly acidic ponds. It is critical that vibration be monitored on these pumps because a breakdown would result in acid spills, which is both dangerous and subject to environmental fines. The only way reliability technicians are able to obtain vibration data on these pumps is to put on a hazmat chemical suit and row a boat out to the pump. Most of the time, technicians are taking spectral data on healthy pumps. The increased risk of danger for workers who have this task, along with the excessive amount of time and effort required to complete the task, made the customers anxious for a better solution.

This is an illustration of how the wireless vibration monitoring system is installed on a pump inside a tailings pond within a copper mining facility.

The wireless technology of the EchoPlus® Junction Box allows for the collection of machine heath monitoring data in hazardous areas. This eliminates the need to have a skilled worker enter these dangerous places to collect routine measurements. The risk and cost of monitoring hard-to-access machinery is greatly reduced when the EchoPlus® is introduced into a predictive maintenance program in the mining industry.

July 2014

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