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PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has added its 607A11 Swiveler® ICP® industrial accelerometer to the company's five working day delivery programme.

The Swiveler is designed to install conveniently into tight spaces at lower cost than existing through bolt sensors with its unique 360° swivel mount making installation quick and easy. As well as being available on five working days delivery, the 607A11 sensor is also offered with PCB Piezotronics' lifetime warranty and ATEX options are available for use in hazardous area applications.

The unique design facilitates positioning of the integral, side-exit cable while the floating lock nut keeps the sensor securely in place. This low-cost, smaller alternative to ring-style accelerometers has distinct advantages over other industrial-grade vibration sensors, for example, its small footprint of just 14mm diameter and its shear mode construction that minimises base bending and ambient temperature transient effects.

Ideal for permanent installations in space-restricted locations, the 607A11's laser-welded hermetically sealed design and stainless steel construction also make it ideal for use in dirty, oily and submerged applications.

Specifications include sensitivity of 100mV/g, measurement range ±50g, overload limit (shock) 5000g peak and frequency range to 10kHz.

Offering a substantially cheaper solution than most through-bolt designs, PCB Piezotronics' model 607A11 Swiveler is the only logical choice for installations where space is restricted.

Besides lifetime warranty on many products, PCB Piezotronics also offers to all customers, at no charge, 24-hour emergency telephone support. This service makes product and application support available to customers and end-users, day or night, seven days per week.

February 2015

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