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PCB Training facilitated by Dr. Pat Walter in Washington Metropolitan Area

PCB Piezotronics, Inc., is pleased to announce the training class, "Successful Measurement of Dynamic Force, Pressure and Acceleration" to be held in Woodbridge, VA on August 11-12, 2015. The cost of $800.00 USD per person, includes classroom lecture, training materials, lunches and a dinner reception August 11th.

At this training, participants will learn to:

* Understand the physics and operating characteristics of dynamic force, pressure,and acceleration transducers and constraints associated with their use

* Interface transducers effectively with intended test environments

* Condition transducer signals to maintain their fidelity through selection of
appropriate cabling, amplifiers, analog filters, sampling rates, DAQs, etc.

* Document extraneous measurands that superpose as noise on the desired transducer response

* Apply corrective action for elimination of these noise levels Validate that final, recorded signals contain only the desired data

This training has established a 12 year history of acclaim both nationally and internationally. Over the past 5 years, each class has been 100% filled with over 45 registrants. These registrants represent over 130 companies and government agencies. On a 4 point scale, registrant's overall course evaluations have averaged 3.6 and the instructor's evaluation has averaged 3.8.

July 2015

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