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PCB Piezotronics Smart Vibration Switches offer Reliable Protection at Mechanical Switch Prices

PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors has announced that its range of IMI Sensors electronic vibration switches meets the latest CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) vibration limits standards and offers reliable vibration protection at the low price of mechanical switches.

Series 686 Smart vibration switches are fully user and field programmable via a USB interface and offer a low cost drop-in replacement for most popular mechanical vibration switches. Smart vibration switches feature an embedded piezoelectric accelerometer for superior accuracy and monitor vibration velocity for more consistent results leading to fewer false trips and more reliable measurement than can be provided by mechanical switches.

By meeting the new CTI vibration limits standards, Series 686 Smart vibration switches are ideal for use in air conditioning cooling tower fans and gearboxes to ensure equipment is effectively protected from excessive vibration should fault conditions arise. Additional applications include 24/7 machinery protection, fin fans, motors and pumps.

Product highlights include a solid-state relay for ultra-reliable operation, two-wire operation for use with existing switch systems, Remote Reset AnywhereTM for safety and convenience, exclusive Magnetically Adjustable Vibration Threshold (MAVTTM) for setting alarm threshold automatically and hazardous area approved models available. Programmable delays can be used to eliminate false trips.

In addition to being more reliable than mechanical vibration switches, Series 686 Smart vibration switches provide a much lower cost solution for many electronic vibration switch applications where a single relay provides sufficient protection and/or an overall vibration output (typically 4-20mA) is not required. Multiple Smart vibration switches can be used in series or parallel to monitor several points or machines as necessary. They can also be used in conjunction with external SPST or DPDT relays to increase current capacity or when such relays are a requirement of the application.

For applications where a full featured electronic vibration switch is required including dual set points (relays), 4-20mA overall vibration output or the raw vibration signal output for performing vibration analysis, PCB Piezotronics offers the IMI Series 685B Electronic vibration switch. It offers lower cost and direct replacement (with optional adapter plate) for popular model 440, 450, 6140 and SW6000 switches.

August 2015

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