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IMI Sensors launches ICP® Accelerometer with Integral Magnet

Ideal for Route-Based Vibration Monitoring

IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, announced the release of Model 607M123/YYYCC, a high frequency ICP® accelerometer with integral magnet and integral cable to be used in route-based measurements.

Model 607M123/YYYCC is a configurable model with choice of cable length and connector type. The model has a sensitivity of 100 mV/g, a ±50g peak measurement range and a frequency range (±3 dB) of 0.5 to 13,000 Hz. The model is housed in a welded-hermetic stainless steel housing with an integral over-braided polyurethane cable and integral flat rare-earth magnet.

The key feature is the inclusion of both a configurable integral armored cable and integral flat rare-earth magnet, which allows for efficient attach/disconnect of sensor. This quicker connect/disconnect mechanism can save considerable manpower over stud mounting in route-based predictive maintenance.

August 2015

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