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IMI Sensors launches very high Temperature Charge Accelerometers
Designed for Applications Up to 900 °F (482 °C)

IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, announced the release of Series 357C very high temperature differential charge accelerometers. IMI has developed the sensors to be used in the commissioning of nuclear power plants, condition monitoring of power generation and aviation gas turbines and machinery protection in very high temperature environments.

The 357C-Series consists of five models- 357C71/EX357C71 with a sensitivity of 10 pC/g, 357C72/EX357C72 with a sensitivity of 50 pC/g and 357C73 with a sensitivity of 100 pC/g. All five models are electrically case-isolated and housed in a Nickel 625 housing with a 2-pin mini-MIL side connector.

September 2015

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