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New Lightweight, 440N, Modal Shaker

The Model 2100E11 modal shaker from the Modal Shop, a PCB Group company, is a new, light-weight modal shaker.

The 2100E11 is capable of providing up to 440N (100 lbf) of peak force excitation in a small footprint weighing just 15 kg (33 lbs). With a 25.4 mm (1") stroke and frequency range up to 5400 Hz, the 2100E11 is suitable for most structural testing modal analysis applications, including single and multiple force inputs (SIMO and MIMO) using random, burst random, sine dwell or chirp excitation signals. While an optional air cooling package is offered for high force range operation, most modal applications use the shaker in uncooled operation up to 156N (35 lbf).

The shaker is supplied in a trunnion base allowing full rotation for easy setup. The through-hole armature design with chuck and collet attachment is ideal for use with either traditional modal stinger rods, or piano wire stingers, also available from The Modal Shop. These stingers greatly simplify test setup with an easy connection to the force sensor and test structure, and help decouple cross-axis force inputs, minimizing or eliminating input force measurement errors while using the modal shaker.

For horizontal force inputs, the 2100E11 adapts directly to The Modal Shop's 2050A lateral excitation shaker stand. Using four turnbuckles, the modal shaker is supported by its trunnion base and can be adjusted over a wide horizontal and vertical area relative to the test structure.

November 2015

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