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New ICP® LaserTach measures Rotational Speed

The LaserTachTM ICP® tachometer from The Modal Shop, senses the speed of rotating equipment while powered with standard ICP® sensor signal conditioning - the same conditioning as ICP® (or IEPE) accelerometers.

Only a single inexpensive coaxial or twisted pair cable connection is required. Since no additional or specialised external power source is needed, this facilitates deployment of multiple tachometer sensors using the same cabling scheme as with other ICP® sensor arrays for acquiring dynamic vibration, acoustic, pressure, strain or force data.

A red status LED provides positive, visual indication of proper signal pickup. The standard BNC jack connects the sensor to any 3mA to 20mA constant current ICP® (or IEPE) conditioned data acquisition systems and signal conditioners. Because of its one pulse per revolution output, the LaserTach eliminates the need to over sample all channels due to high frequency tachometer signals.

The sensor will measure from as far as 0.5m (20"), at speeds up to 30,000 rpm. The LaserTach's optical detection mechanism does not require the rotating equipment to be a ferrous material, unlike magnetic tachometer pickups - only a visually contrasting section of the shaft needs to be available, typically using a small piece of retro-reflective tape. The LaserTach's long-range optics and standard 5/8" UNF threaded bolt package allow for flexibility in positioning and mounting.

November 2015

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