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IMI Sensors launches Brochure highlighting diverse 603-Series Product Line
Family of ICP® Accelerometers designed to satisfy most Industrial Vibration Monitoring Applications

IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, announced the release of new literature highlighting the 603-Series product line, a family of ICP® accelerometers designed with multiple options to satisfy most industrial vibration monitoring applications.

All of the sensors in the product line feature a shear-mode ceramic element housed in a rugged hermetically-welded stainless steel enclosure. All models include case-isolated electronics to eliminate noise issues.

The literature highlights the diversity of the line, which includes:

* Multiple sensitivity options available for both slow speed and impacting high speed applications.
* Integral polyurethane cable options available for submersible applications.
* Intrinsically safe and armored cable options available for hazardous environments.
* Dual output options available for simultaneous monitoring of both vibration and temperature.

December 2015

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