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New 4 Channel ICP® Signal Conditioner

Model 482C24 provides added application flexibility

PCB Piezotronics Inc. expands the 482C signal conditioner series with the introduction of Model 482C24. This 4-channel conditioner includes DC coupling that is selectable on a per channel basis. It is ideal for use with ICP® force, and pressure sensors that have long discharge time constants allowing temporary measurements down to 0 Hz. An auto-zero function automatically negates any DC bias.

A clamped output feature (when AC coupled), used in repetitive force applications such as stamping and press monitoring, provides a positive-only signal that electronically re-zeros each pulse before the next cycle.

Additional features include a front panel keypad and display, incremental gain from x0.1 to x200, TEDS support and an RS-232 port for computer control through PCB® supplied software. Model 482C24 will power any ICP® sensor and is suitable for dynamic measurements up to 100 kHz.

March 2016

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