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TMS modal shakers from PCB Piezotronics offer significant benefits with smaller sizes and easier set up

PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors offers a range of modal shakers from The Modal Shop (TMS) that offers significant benefits to users with smaller sizes and easier set up than competitive products.

The shaker range from TMS is specifically designed for use in modal applications unlike most conventional shakers that are intended for vibration testing installations. For the latter, the shaker mass needs to be very high compared to the mass of the product being tested so that the shaker remains stationary while the product under test moves. In modal testing, by comparison, the applied force only needs to be low so that the shaker mass can be reduced making it easier to move around and position accurately. Consequently, TMS modal shakers can be used with an adjustable lateral support stand and weigh considerably less than standard vibration test shakers making them easier to manoeuvre into position - models weighing less than 25% of competing systems can achieve the same results.

TMS modal shakers also feature a convenient through-hole armature to make shaker set up much easier. Once the shaker has been positioned, the "stinger" can be adjusted to the length required by sliding it into the shaker armature then, when in the correct position, it can be locked in place by tightening the collet on the shaker. Competitive shaker systems without through-hole armatures feature threaded inserts on the shaker table and a rigid armature meaning careful movement of a heavy shaker is necessary to get the distance set correctly.

To avoid frustrating delays in setting up carefully planned test installations, TMS offers modal exciters and vibration shakers as complete systems that include shaker, amplifier, cooling package (as required) and an all-inclusive accessories box. As a market leader, TMS shaker systems provide all the essentials with no hidden costs and the PCB Group company is committed to continuing excellence in the field of sound and vibration through systems designed to meet the needs and simplify installations for test and measurement professionals.

TMS's line of modal exciters and vibration shakers are available as complete turnkey systems as standard with models ranging from 9 to 489N. Available designs include the new SmartShakerTM with integrated power amplifier, a variety of mini, through-hole modal exciters, platform vibration shakers and the new SmartAmpTM power amplifiers.
Each exciter includes a trunnion base with ergonomic EasyTurnTM handles to make adjusting shaker position and alignment as simple as possible. The exciter is also accompanied by all necessary cables and a companion amplifier. Accessory kits include stingers in various sizes, chucks and collets for easy connection of shaker and test object. Also supplied are all the tools required to help with stinger installation or to add and remove adaptor and mounting inserts. Additional accessories include spare fuses, low-profile trunnion bolts and adaptors to help meet requirements for many different installation configurations.

May 2016

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