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Successful Measurement of Dynamic Force, Pressure & Acceleration

Upcoming PCB Training by Dr. Pat Walter in Denver, Orlando & Phoenix
Depew, NY USA - May 26, 2016 - PCB Piezotronics, Inc., is offering "Successful Measurement of Dynamic Force, Pressure, and Acceleration" training class in three new locations, Denver July 7-8, Orlando July 11-12 and Phoenix August 2-3. The cost of $850 USD per person includes course materials and all meals during the 2-day course.

At this training, participants will learn to:

* Understand the physics and operating characteristics of dynamic force, pressure, and acceleration transducers and constraints associated with their use

* Interface transducers effectively with intended test environments

* Condition transducer signals to maintain their fidelity through selection of appropriate cabling, amplifiers, analog filters, sampling rates, DAQs, etc.

* Document extraneous measurands that superpose as noise on the desired transducer response

* Apply corrective action for elimination of these noise levels Validate that final, recorded signals contain only the desired data

This training has established a 12 year history of acclaim both nationally and internationally. Each class has been filled with 50 registrants from over 140 companies and government agencies. Registrant's course evaluations have averaged 3.6/4.0 with an instructor's evaluation averaging 3.8/4.0.

May 2016

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