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IMI Sensors announces CSA Approval for Models EX611A00 and EX611A20

Extreme Temperature, Charge-Mode Accelerometer Now Certified as Intrinsically-Safe in US and Canada

IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration and pressure monitoring instrumentation, announces CSA approval on Models EX611A00 and EX611A20, two extreme temperature, charge mode accelerometers with a UHT-12™ sensing element. This approval now allows the two models to be classified as intrinsically safe for use in potentially-explosive environments in the US and Canada.

The two models now have the following certifications:

CSA (Canada & US)
AEx/Ex ia IIC T6...T710 °C Ga Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, D
AEx/Ex ia IIC T6...T710 °C Ga Class II, Div. 1, Group E,F,G
AEx/Ex ia IIC T6...T710 °C Ga Class III, Div. 1
AEx/Ex ia IIC T6...T710 °C Ga Class I, Zone 0
Ex ia IIC T6...710 °C Ga, II 1G
Ex ia IIC T6...710 °C Ga

November 2016

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