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New Phantom Powered Preamplifier - Quality measurements, versatile design for the audio market

A new, patent pending, universal preamplifier from PCB Piezotronics, Inc. reduces project costs by allowing users to interchange multiple test microphone cartridges to meet unique testing requirements. Model 426A14 adapts to any IEC 61094-4 compliant, prepolarized microphone for use in loudspeakerdesign, microphone and amplifier modeling, and live sound or high definition recording applications.

The preamplifier may be purchased as a standalone or as a system when paired with any of PCB ’s prepolarized microphone cartridges. All mated pair systems come with accredited calibration certificates.

With this flexibility, speaker manufacturers can analyze lower amplitudes down to 15.5 dBA with a ½” te st and measurement grade cartridge. A quick switch to a ¼” cartridge provides the capability to quantify transients and perform other types of measurements across a wide frequency range from 4 Hz to 100 kHz. The fast response time of this microphone system is used to improve sound quality. With 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 156 dB SPL ,PCB ’s ¼” cartridges provide increased sound intelligibility at high volume levels, a key quality metric for loud speaker design. Microphones from PCB®
have a proprietary metal alloy diaphragm which provides superior stability and accuracy under changing temperature, humidity, and static pressure conditions as compared to low cost, electret microphones with plastic diaphragms.

April 2017

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