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New Sound Level Meter and Noise Monitoring System - Designed for Web Browser Access

Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics, is announcing the release of the new SoundAdvisorTM Model 831C Sound Level Meter and Model NMS044 Noise Monitoring System. Designed with input from acoustic professionals around the globe, the SoundAdvisor Model 831C includes measurement and communication options that are ideal for acoustic consultants, environmental engineers, and noise compliance officers.

The SoundAdvisor Model 831C is a rugged, Class 1 sound level meter customizable to meet a variety of testing needs. The WiFi, cellular, and wired internet connectivity allow users to monitor and control the device remotely. Whether operating in handheld mode or remotely via web browser, the clear, full-color interface is consistent across all platforms, making it easy to visualize data.

Additional features include:
* Internal memory expandable by USB
* Continuous audio recording in compressed format
* Clock synchronization from GPS or Network Protocol
* Direct support for cellular communication
* Ability to act as its own WiFi hotspot for better accessibility
* Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy customization and integration

The SoundAdvisor Model NMS044 Noise Monitoring System leverages Model 831C to create a self-contained, self-powered, and continuously connected noise monitor. Model NMS044 comes complete with 4G cellular communication, an outdoor microphone, outdoor enclosure with battery, and an option for weather monitoring. Using only 3.5 watts of power, Model NMS044 provides wireless remote communication indefinitely via portable solar panel. Users can connect from a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device to change test parameters, check microphone calibration, and view data, avoiding unnecessary trips to the field. Real-time alerts are sent by email or text message and can even include a sound recording for use in determining noise source. Download data remotely with the supplied G4 Utility Software. Data Navigation and Analysis (DNA) software is available for further analysis and custom reporting.

"The SoundAdvisor Model 831C is the newest generation of successful Larson Davis sound level meters that will augment environmental noise measurements with exciting new capabilities," said Ken Cox, Larson Davis Product Manager. "Simplicity and ease of use make the SoundAdvisor Noise Monitoring System an ideal solution for acoustic consultants, environmental engineers, construction companies, city compliance departments, industrial complexes, traffic engineers, wind farms, event organizers, and more."

June 2017

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