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New UHT-12TM Miniature Accelerometer - Stable sensitivity over large temperature changes

PCB's new UHT-12™ miniature accelerometer was designed for applications that demand minimal sensitivity change across a wide temperature range. Model 320C53 features a sensitivity of 1 mV/g to complement the Model 320C52 sensitivity of 10 mV/g. Both models feature a UHT-12™ sensing element which provides a stable sensitivity over large thermal shifts.

Small and lightweight, these sensors weigh just 1.85 grams with a size of 9.6 mm x 17.3 mm. They are hermetically sealed in a rugged titanium housing and feature easy to install thru-hole mounting. The accelerometers attach to test structures with an insulated mounting screw.

Both models have an operating temperature range of -100 to +325 °F (-73 to +163 °C). Model 320C52 has a frequency range from 1 to 10 kHz (+/- 5%) and Model 320C53 has a frequency range from 1 to 5,000 Hz (+/- 5%). A single pole low pass filter, with a corner frequency set to =20 kHz, is incorporated into each model which reduces the potential for saturation or clipping. These features make them ideal for general flight testing, HALT/HASS/ESS with high random vibration input, and automotive powertrain vibration testing.

Built-in ICP® microelectronics provide a low noise, low impedance output signal capable of being transmitted over cable lengths of hundreds of feet. Any ICP® signal conditioner or data acquisition system that incorporates an ICP® constant current excitation can be used to power the accelerometers.

July 2017

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