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Temperature Meters from PCE Instruments

At PCE you will find both a contact and non-contact temperature meter for measuring and recording temperature. There is a temperature meter to measure different temperature ranges between -200 and 1767ºC.

Measurement of temperature is done in many different sectors. We also offer a temperature meter that can indicate temperature in ºC, K (Kelvin) and ºF, as well as another that is water resistant.

A wide range of thermal elements and type-K sensors are available for the temperature meter. ISO calibration certificates, which include a laboratory calibration, can be ordered for most models in our temperature meter range. Temperature meters are instruments we use to measure the temperature of people or things.

The most used and known temperature meters are mercury thermometers used to measure peoples temperature and consisting of a graduated glass capillary and a pool of mercury in one end, but there are many types of temperature meters such as digital thermometers that we have introduced which take temperature measurements on contact with an object these are suitable for any sector of industry. We even have infrared or laser temperature meter to take measurements at distance, without contact.

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January 2016

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