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PCE-MWM 210 VHF band moisture sensor for concrete

PCE Instruments recently launched their new inline moisture sensors for different types of materials, e. g. for concrete moisture measurement.

These have been developed to reduce downtime and save customers energy and thus huge amounts of money. Skilled technicians offer pre- and aftersales technical support and services such as installation of the moisture sensors.

The PCE-MWM 210 consists of an electronic unit and a sensor and is installed in concrete mixers (for instance mounted to the bottom or wall of the mixer), on hopper walls or on panels above conveyor belts and determines the moisture content, i. e. the quality and consistency of the mixture during the mixing process. The process temperature is continuously controlled by a thermocouple inside the sensor.

The inline moisture measurement sensor can record moisture values between 0 and 100 % and measure temperatures between -40 and +150 °C. The front surface of the highly sensitive sensor is covered by a stainless steel plate that makes it resistant to impact and abrasion. The IP67 protected sensor has a diameter of 108 ? 120 mm whereas the dimensions of the electric unit, which is IP54 protected, are 255 ? 170 x 60 mm. The ideal cable length between the sensor and the electronic unit can be discussed with one of PCE's staff members. Anything necessary for installation is included in the standard package.

Using this inline moisture sensor can save customers time as the mixing process can simply be stopped when the desired material consistency is achieved instead of setting a fixed mixing time.

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January 2016

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