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PCE-EM 882 Sound Level Meter back in product range

PCE Instruments recently added the favourably priced all-in-one meter PCE-EM 882 back to their product portfolio. The meter is a helpful tool in education, for private and professional use.

The PCE-EM 882 is affordable and easy to use and measures four parameters: sound (A/C Lo (low) 35 … 100 dB and A/C Hi (high) 65 … 130 dB), light (20 / 200 / 2,000 / 20,000 lux - 20,000 lux range reading x 10), temperature (-20 … +200 °C / -20 … +750 °C) and relative humidity (25 … 95 %).

Measurement results can be easily read from the 17 mm 4-digit LC display. The meter has a HOLD function to freeze readings in the display, as well as an Auto Power Off function to keep energy consumption low. Also, the device indicates when the battery needs to be replaced.

The PCE-EM882 multi-functional indicator comes with a sound sensor, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a microphone protector, a 9 V battery, a light carrying case and an instruction manual in English.

PCE Instruments manufactures and sells test, control, laboratory and weighing equipment for a vast range of different purposes and applications, to a great extent under the label "PCE Instruments ®", but they also supply devices from other renowned producers. They also provide pre- and aftersales technical advice as well as calibration and re-calibration services.

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January 2016

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