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PCE Instruments launches new series of colorimeters

PCE recently launched their new PCE-CSM series of colorimeters for private and professional use, consisting of the PCE-CSM1, the PCE-CSM 2, PCE-CSM3, PCE-CSM 4, PCE-CSM5, PCE-CSM 6, PCE-CSM7, PCE-CSM 8 and the PCE-CSM10.

The PCE-CSM series was developed for quality control, e. g. in the industrial sector where consistent colour characteristics are an important factor. Especially the PCE-CSM 2 and PCE-CSM 4 are perfectly suitable for application in the production of paint and plastic bags and in dental technology. They can be used to test the colours of textiles, moist materials and food, such as tomatoes, bananas or meat. All PCE-CSM colorimeters are of major help for professionals who depend on a constant quality of the goods they produce.

All of the user-friendly PCE-CSM colorimeters have in common that they are highly accurate and measure various colours, within different colour spaces. They are capable of white calibration and suitable for different surfaces. All of them are powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and come with a PC software for further evaluation of the measured data. Every PCE-CSM colorimeter has its very special features to suit your individual needs.

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March 2016

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