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New outdoor kit for noise measurement

Noise meters come in handy whenever noises need to be measured, e. g. to measure aircraft noise, heavy sound at construction sites, traffic noise, etc. To make accurate measurements, the noise must be recorded / measured directly where it occurs.

PCE Instruments now offers a comprehensive solution for long-term outdoor noise monitoring. The new outdoor kit is available with the sound level meters PCE-428, PCE-430 or PCE-432. The PCE-428 is a class II device and the PCE-430 and PCE-430 fulfil the accuracy class I. The PCE-432 has a GPS function. All three models are also available without the kit. If ordered as a kit, noise measurement and recording is possible over a long period of time.

The outdoor noise kit consists of a sound level meter with all its standard accessories and additionally a waterproof PELI carrying case with rollers that has external connections for a microphone and for the power supply. Therefore, it is possible to leave the meter itself in the case to protect it from the weather. In the case, there is a waterproof charger and two additional rechargeable 12 V lead batteries to supply the meter with power for up to 10 days. The three "EKIT" packages also include a rain and wind protection as well as a bird protection for the microphone. A tripod for the microphone is also included.

The PCE-4XX-EKIT outdoor noise measuring kit is particularly suitable for the long-term measurement of traffic noise, aircraft noise, rail noise, noise from events, etc. As standard, noises are analysed in a 1/1 octave band filter. An upgrade to the more accurate 1/3 octave band filter is possible. The PCE-4XX series have various automatic measurement functions, e. g. Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak. The frequency weightings A, B, C and Z are always possible with these noise meters.

The 160 x 160 pixel LC display with backlight of the sound level meters can illustrate the readings in numerical terms, as a bar graph or graphically. The complete measurement cycle is evaluated and saved with a time and date stamp. After the noise measurement, the saved measuring data can be analysed and evaluated via the included software or by using a spreadsheet programme.

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November 2018

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