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Anti-tamper switch beats gas cheats.

Engel & Gibbs Ltd have beaten off stiff competition to win a major
contract to supply an Anti-tamper device for Transco gas meters
across the UK. 

The company has been working with meter manufacturer, George Wilson
Industries Ltd, to develop the plug-in assembly that fits inside the gas
meter and will help to eliminate gas meter fraud in Britain.

The switch is custom built at Engel & Gibbs’ manufacturing facility in Watford,
where they specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced
switches and sensors.

Developments are currently underway on a similar switch for the European
market. Engel & Gibbs’ extensive range of advanced switches and sensors
are used in some of the world’s most demanding applications.  These include
the aircraft industry for gyroscope control and orientation monitoring, where
extreme sensitivity, reliability and precision are essential and the medical
industry for cardiac pacemakers, where a miniature movement sensor is
used to control the output of the pacemaker.

A new quality pressure and vacuum testing procedure was implemented to
guarantee the sensor throughout the lifetime of the appliance.

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June 2000