New Honsberg Metering & Control brochure from PVL.

New from PVL is a brochure detailing the Honsberg range
of metering and control products for the control of gases
or liquids at low flow rates.

Standard metering and control products are generally unsuitable
for use at low flow rates special purpose products are needed to
ensure accurate control and good repeatability.

Honsberg has developed a series of products targeted at just
such niche applications. The wide range of robust instruments
includes piston, sphere and gearwheel switches, indicators
and transmitters, all optimised to ensure reliable operation
at low flow rates, even in high pressure or high temperature

As well as highlighting the Honsberg product range for these
applications, the handy brochure provides the engineer with
invaluable general information on control of low flow rates,
focusing on design considerations such as pressure loss,
temperature, contamination, and installation position.

The brochure is written as the first in a series of guides which
will build into an essential reference on niche flow control
applications. Subsequent guides in the series will focus on
areas such as flow control of dark and contaminated liquids,
flow control in machine tools, flow control with ATEX approval,
and viscosity compensated flow control.

PVL is an UK distributor of the Honsberg range of flow, level,
temperature and pressure instrumentation, and for the
company's range of filtration products.

More information at:  www.pvl.co.uk/focus2.htm

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Tel : +44(0) 1892 664499
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Email : david.almond@pvl.co.uk
Website : www.pvl.co.uk

April 2003

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