PVL slashes the cost of Leak Detection. New from PVL is an innovative leak detector that uses a patented ultrasonic technique to trace even the smallest of leaks. Providing a highly cost-effective solution where other techniques fail, or where they are too time consuming to be viable, the Accutrak can detect pinhole leaks right down to 1 psi, and is suitable for use with any pressurised gas from any system. The same instrument can even pinpoint vacuum leaks, yet costs under £400. The Accutrak can 'hear' leaks. Just as large leaks create an audible hiss, as the jagged edges of the opening create turbulence in the escaping gas, so smaller leaks from tiny cracks create a sound, but at ultrasonic frequencies. Because the intensity of sound generated at a leak is a complex function of the viscosity, the temperature, the speed the fluid is moving, the Raynolds number, the pressure differential across the leak, and the physical characteristics of the orifice, the sound pressure created by a small leak is often much larger than that created by a large leak. Indeed the sound pressure is so high that, from a few feet away, Accutrak can pinpoint a leak from an opening as small as 0.005 of an inch. Using a technique called heterodyning, Accutrak translates the ultrasonic hiss to a lower frequency where it can be heard through headphones, and so leads you to the source. An LED meter is also built into the device to make it easier to pinpoint the leak's location. Leaks can be often be detected from several feet away, and quickly traced. ____________________________________________________ For more information, contact... PVL Limited Unit 9, Lexden Lodge Industrial Estate, CROWBOROUGH TN6 2NQ. UK. Tel : +44(0) 1892 664499 Fax : +44(0) 1892 663690 Email : david.almond@pvl.co.uk Website : www.pvl.co.uk February 2004

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