PVL introduces IP67 Rated Pressure Switches. PVL has introduced a new range of pre-set pressure switches featuring an integrated M12 connector and offering a sealed design protected to 1P67. Available for pressures from 0.2 to 300 bar, the new switches provide inherently reliable operation in highly demanding applications where even 1P65 protection is not enough to ensure long term reliability of the switch or, in extreme situations, the assured operation of the connected circuitry. The new MS/PS pressure switches with integrated M12 plug extend one of world's largest ranges of fluid control products, and have been developed in response to increasing market demand for a rugged, compact, pre-set item with 1P67 protection. The design integrates a 4-pin M12 connector into a newly developed protection cap to provide a product which guarantees high integrity whilst making installation quick and easy. The 1P67 MS/PS pressure switches will be of particular interest in mobile plant applications that face extreme environmental conditions beyond the sealing capabilities of even 1P65 protection. The new switches will also provide a more reliable solution in damp or dusty industrial situations, or in the likes of machine tool applications where cutting oils are an ever-present problem and where 1P65 protection is simply not enough. Further, the new switches should also provide increased assurance of operation in applications where the pressure switch is connected to solid state control equipment, as PVL's Steve Moorey explains: "The increased usage of solid state control equipment can make life a bit difficult for the pressure switch. The high currents associated with electromechanical switchgear help to keep the contacts of the pressure switch clean, but the currents through solid state devices are too low to have any effect. Gold-plated contacts in the pressure switch obviously help, but even so it can only take a few molecules of dirt seeping in through the seal to build up on the contacts before operation is compromised. The 1P67 design effectively eliminates the problem." The 1P67 MS/PS range is available in a huge range of options, covering adjustment ranges from 0.2 to 300bar, different diaphragm and piston seal materials, choice of body materials, a wide choice of thread connections, pre-set switching on rising or falling pressures, and high pressure or degreased execution. The result is a highly flexible and versatile range of products that will meet the needs of the widest possible range of applications. MS/PS pressure switches provide a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contact configuration, rated at 250V AC, 3A. They also provide a specific pin for ground connection, to assure the highest levels of safety whatever the application. ____________________________________________________ For more information, contact... PVL Limited Unit 9, Lexden Lodge Industrial Estate, CROWBOROUGH TN6 2NQ. UK. Tel : +44(0) 1892 664499 Fax : +44(0) 1892 663690 Email : david.almond@pvl.co.uk Website : www.pvl.co.uk February 2004

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