High temperature version of liquid level switch.

PVL has added a high temperature version to its
RFS range of versatile and highly cost-effective
liquid level switches.

Suitable for use in a wide range of liquids, the RFS-12H provides
heat resistance up to 180°C, with a rugged, simple design that
brings maximum reliability to high, low or intermediate liquid
level detection.

This miniature, side entry level switch provides user-selectable
NO or NC contacts, and can be rotated by 180°, allowing a single
device to provide rising-on, rising-off, falling-on or falling-off
functionality. Simple in design, the principle of operation is a
magnetic reed switch, where the magnet-equipped float moves
up and down with the liquid to actuate the switch within the unit

The RFS-12H is available in two mounting options for added
convenience, allowing the device to be secured from either the
inside or the outside of a tank. The internal model has a 1/8in
BSP parallel thread with a running back nut, while the external
model has a 1/2in BSP taper thread. Both have been designed
to offer maximum resistance to shock and vibration.

Electrical connection is made via flying leads,. maximum switching
voltage is 300V AC/DC and maximum switching current is 0.5A
AC/DC, with the contacts rated at 50W. The high temperature
resistance, combined with a variety of construction materials and
a float specific gravity of just 0.7, make the RFS-12H suitable for
use with a wide range of liquids in a variety of applications. As
well as standard tank level duties, the RFS-12H is suitable for
use in chemical processing systems, in automatic safety interlocks,
in pump motor control systems, and other challenging applications.

This simplicity of design is the key to both the high levels of reliability
and the low price, with the high temperature RFS-12H available
at just £35.00

For more information, contact...

PVL Limited
Unit 9, Lexden Lodge Industrial Estate, CROWBOROUGH TN6 2NQ. UK.
Tel : +44(0) 1892 664499
Fax : +44(0) 1892 663690
Email : david.almond@pvl.co.uk
Website : www.pvl.co.uk

December 2004

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