Cost-effective flow monitoring for hydraulic oils.

Beck has equipped its Model 901 Pressure Switch with
a newly developed diaphragm material. The basis for
the saturated steam-resistant version is a special, newly
developed FKM elastomer material.

This new material allows direct contact possible with aggressive
saturated steam for example. As a result, the series 901 pressure
switches are advancing into new temperature zones up to 140°C
and, depending on the model, can be adjusted to provide
switch-points from 100 mbar up to 12 bar without material fatigue.

Conventional elastomers can quickly lose their elasticity when used
with saturated steam resulting in a detrimental shift of the switch-point.
In extreme cases, they become brittle or cracked and so represent
a potential danger as a result of failure.

Also, a new diaphragm suitable for food processing is available
from Beck.

EPDM meets the requirements of the FDA Standard (21-CFR 177.2600

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October 2005

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