Buy key measurement instrumentation on-line,
quickly, securely and safely.

NEW Plan-B Marketing site at www.plan-b.co.uk brings
cost-effective access to measurement technology.
Just gone live on the web is Plan-B Marketing's new on-line
shop selling measurement instrumentation for compressed
air flow, level, temperature, leak detection, ultrasound
generation and the measurement of elevation in surveying.
...and that's just the start - more products will be added over
the next few months.

Potential buyers visiting www.plan-b.co.uk can find detailed information
on each product and buy safely and securely using a card.

"Plan-B Marketing is a no-quibble organisation" explained Steve Moorey,
Chief Executive of Plan-B Marketing Ltd.  "If a customer has a problem,
we will always refund without question".

New products at www.plan-b.co.uk include Clima-Air, a fast and accurate
handheld system for measuring compressed air flow in m3/hr with ± 1%
accuracy, EasyLevel, which simplifies the monitoring of level and volume
of liquids in tanks and vessels and the AccuTrak audio leak detection
system, which is so sensitive that you can hear the blinking of an eye.

 Also available on the site are extremely accurate infrared temperature
sensors, digital thermometers and ultrasound generators.

A major new innovation is the ZipLevel hydrostatic altimeter for surveying,
the ultimate single-handed elevation measurement device for surveyors
 building contractors, civil engineers and anyone else who needs to know
instantly the difference in elevation of two locations and are working on
their own.  It even works round corners, or when there is no line of sight
from point A to point B.  More detailed information is at www.ziplevel.co.uk.

New measurement instrumentation products will be added monthly at
www.plan-b.co.uk, so bookmark the site as one of your favourites and
rely on Plan-B Marketing to provide the innovative instrumentation your
business needs. Or phone Plan-B Marketing Ltd on 01892 664499.

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January 2006

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