PVL launches ultrasonic digital level instrumentation in the UK.

Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd, based in Sussex, has become a UK distributor for the world's leading technology in ultrasonic digital level instrumentation, manufactured in Israel by Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. PVL will be holding substantial stocks of the Solid Applied Technologies range and providing its usual high standard of technical support to OEMs and end users needing the highest possible precision in level measurement.

An impressive example from the range is the SmartScan range, a family of ultrasonic continuous solid and liquid level measurement instruments for use in process tanks and storage vessels. These smart devices are self-adjusting to virtually all types of conditions, with full compensation for vapours, gases, temperature variations and changes in wind/gas movement velocity, so deliver the highest accuracy even under the toughest conditions. You get up to 0.2% accuracy in measuring range, 1mm resolution and a range of up to 12 metres - radar-like performance at an affordable price. ATEX-approved models are available.

SmartScan level measurement instruments are 4-wire voltage devices with a customised graphic LCD display and a glass-reinforced epoxy PP/PVDF sensor. The instruments can be user-configured for RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces and have five SPDT relays providing independent On/Off programming. They operate in any temperature from -40ºC to +90ºC. More information is available at www.solidat.com and at www.pvl.co.uk. Or phone 01892 664499.

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July 2008

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