Pressure Sensors uses different measuring technology

Did you know that a true reflection of the accuracy of a pressure transducer is its TEB, or Total Error Band?

The TEB takes into account temperature, non-linearity, hysteresis, and non-repeatability.

Most pressure transducers on the market only give an accuracy figure at room temperature, meaning, in real-world applications, quoted figures can be way off.
A different approach can be found in the TD1000 from Transducers Direct of Cincinnati who use a different measuring technology in their new range of digital pressure transducers which results in one of the widest compensated temperature ranges available on the market. In fact, the compensated temperature range is equivalent to the operating temperature range of the transducer!

This means the accuracy, and more importantly the TEB specification, is applicable across the entire operating temperature range of the transducer ensuring accurate measurements in even the harshest environmental conditions.

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March 2012

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