Pressure Switch senses loss of prime pressure

The E10 loss of prime pressure switch is a solid-state digital pressure switch specifically for the control and protection of domestic and industrial pressure pumps and air compressors. Pressure switches normally have two set points, a low pressure cut in point and a high pressure cut out point.

A pump under the control of such a switch operates between the two set points. If pressure is lost due to the pump running dry, or due to a burst pipe, the pump will continue to run simply because the pressure switch remains on. In such a situation the pump will invariably sustain substantial damage due to being run dry.

The E10 pressure switch addresses this problem by providing a third adjustable switch point that can be set below the normal operating range to turn the pump off and prevent it being damaged if it runs dry.

The E10 Loss of Prime Pressure Switch features:

Three digitally adjustable set points

Suitable for sea water use

Simple plug in installation

Loss of pressure warning light

Weatherproof to IP67

10 Bar (150psi) Rated

Four quadrant digital fine tuning

Control motors to 3.75kw 5hp

Automatic override on startup

Indicator lights for all functions

10 Bar (150psi) Rated


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March 2012

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