Singing, just singing in the rain

After yet another washed out barbecue, we're debating at PVL whether this is the wettest summer we can remember.

Certainly the British summer is rarely predictable, and July wouldn't be July without rain delays at Wimbledon and turning to the incomprehensible Duckworth Lewis method at Lords, but this is getting ridiculous.

Officially, 2007 was the wettest British summer since records began in 1766, with more than double the average levels of rainfall for the period leading to devastating floods. But it's been much the same this year, and by the end of the month the figures should be in.

Happily, a new design of umbrella is set to put an end to the summertime blues, playing sweet music in the rain. Touch-sensitive sensors on the canopy of the umbrella trigger notes to be played when they are hit by rain drops, generating unique tunes in everything from a light shower to a heavy storm. However inclement the weather may be, you will always have a tune to raise your spirits.

The more frenetic the tune, the more rain you could assume was falling. That might provide you with a fun measurement tool, but for a more accurate guide tomeasuring liquid flows wed recommend our extensive ranges of flow meters and indicators. We have rotor, piston, turbine, vortex, screw type and variable area flow meters to name just a few, enabling us to find exactly the right product for any application, including for low flow rates, high viscosities, high temperatures or hazardous areas.

Look, for example, at the Omni-Fin flow meter for flow rates as low as 0.001 litres per minute. Readings are shown on the clear, backlit, 35mm display, and you can easily change the units to meet your own needs.

Omni-Fin is a flow meter with no moving parts, and where the medium is in contact with only one material. The instrument is characterised by very low pressure loss, and has very fast reaction times for a calorimetric system. The output is linearised and temperature compensated.

As tough and robust as it is precise, the Omni-Fin flow meter is manufactured in stainless steel and sealed to IP67. The LCD display is protected by tough mineral glass.

A video on the Omni-Fin highlights the impressive capabilities of this unique product, and you can find details of the other products in our huge range of flow meters. For accuracy and reliability in a range of challenging flow monitoring applications, you won't beat PVL. For an uplifting tune in a rain shower, perhaps the musical umbrella is you.

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July 2012

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