V25F Visual Flow Indicator

If you need a clear and simple indication of flow, then the Kelco V25F from PVL might be exactly what you’re looking for.

This unique visual flow indicator works using a flow sensing paddle with a magnetically operated green and red flag. The indicator displays the bright green when there is a flow or red when flow is stopped. Alternatively, reversed colour models are also available to show red when a flow is detected, providing an indication of danger when a flow is present.

Suitable for use in pipes of diameters from 25mm upwards, the indictor simply screws into a standard pipe tee or socket. And because the coloured flag operates magnetically in a sealed, see-through chamber, there are none of the traditional problems of windows being obscured by lime scale or rust or algae that afflict conventional designs.

Now, for a limited period only, available at the reduced price of £97. Down from £134!

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July 2012

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