The Kelco V25F Visual Flow Indicator

At the PVL offices we had no idea what this was all about, so our first thought was to point out that, should shades of grey be causing anyone a problem, the Kelco V25F visual flow indicator provides a clear indication of level regardless of how murky the fluid may be.

This unique visual flow indicator works using a flow sensing paddle with a magnetically operated green or red flag to indicate when there is flow and when flow has stopped. Because the coloured flag operates magnetically in a sealed, see-through chamber, there are none of the traditional problems of windows being obscured by murky liquids or by the lime scale, rust or algae that afflict conventional designs.

Since then, of course, we’ve learned a little more about the book. Author EL James describes it as a ‘romantic fantasy’ which offers women a ‘holiday from their husbands’.

Should any shades of grey be a problem PVL will have the answer.

The Kelco CR20 inline flow switch can measure less than 5ml p/m

Nothing wrong with taking a holiday of course, but normally you’d return home with a straw donkey and a hat, not a suitcase full of handcuffs, paddles, riding crops, chains and acres of leather, with plans to repurpose the guest room as a dungeon.

Earning EL James a reported £2m a day, Fifty Shades of Grey has become the fastest selling paperback since records began, beating Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code. Books are flowing off the shelves so quickly that it’s becoming hard to measure. Happily, while the team at PVL know very little about bondage, domination, sadism or masochism (although we have our suspicions about Jamie), we do know a thing or two about measuring flow.

We know, for example, that it is riddled with complexities – such as the type of fluid, whether it is slow or fast flowing, and losses in the system. Then there are issues such as corrosion to consider.

While high flow rates are one thing, measuring the very lowest flow rates is quite another. PVL has a number of solutions: the Kelco CR20 microflow switch, for example, is a compact in-line flow sensor capable of monitoring flows – or the lack of them – of less than 5ml per minute. That makes the device suitable for verifying the efficient function of micro-dosing systems. Like other Kelco products, the CR20 microflow switch has no metal parts in contact with the process fluid, so is unaffected by aggressive or corrosive chemicals or extremes of pH.

Another option for the very lowest flow rates is the Honsberg Omni-Fin flow meter, accurately measuring flow rates as low as 0.001 litres per minute. This remarkable flow meter has minimum pressure loss, and very fast reaction times for a calorimetric system. Readings are shown on the clear, easily readable backlit LCD display, and the output is linearised and temperature compensated to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are no shades of grey in the performance of these products, and the specifications are all down in black and white on the data sheets. So check out these and all of PVL’s other flow sensing products that provide a range wide enough to meet the needs of any application.

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July 2012

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