A Olympian effort to tackle the pressure.

The excitement about the Olympics is palpable around the PVL offices, and we’re already regretting not having tried a little harder to get tickets. Just to rub it in, our esteemed MD Steve has taken to prefacing every sentence with “When I was at the 1960 Olympics…” He attended the 17th Olympiad in Rome on a school trip for the princely sum of £48 all in, funded by many weeks of potato harvesting and apple picking.

In terms of medal haul, it wasn’t the greatest of years for team GB, who came away with just two golds – Don Thompson in the men’s 50km walk and Anita Lonsbrough in the women’s 200m breaststroke – and finished 12th in the medal table overall. Still, it could have been worse – Finland thought they’d won a second silver when field shooter Viho Yloen shot a bullseye, only to see him demoted to fourth when it transpired he’d been shooting at the wrong target.

In terms of personal hauls for Steve it was somewhat more successful – that’s his future wife Jill sitting in the second row on the Spanish Steps! He did take his time though; they got married 42 years later thanks to Friends Reunited! We’ve added the arrows if you’d like to see a teenage Steve Moorey as we’re sure you all will!

Another of Steve’s memories from the games is sitting out on the grass outside the stadium eating his lunch – along with most of the athletes.

No one was any less competitive than today, but somehow it just all seemed a bit more relaxed. These days you can’t get anywhere near the athletes, and all anyone on in the inside ever wants to talk about is how much pressure they’re under.

It’s difficult to imagine what that sort of atmosphere must be like. Certainly none of us at PVL has ever competed at anything like an Olympic level. However, we do know a thing or two about pressure.

Take, for example, the PMN pressure switch . Available in zinc plated steel, brass or stainless steel, and with various thread sizes, the PMN can handle over pressures up to 600bar. Highly reliable, the PMN is rated for a mechanical life of over a million operations, so it’s no surprise that PVL sell thousands of these switches into critical applications such as medical gas pipelines. But you’ll find PMN pressure switches in all manner of hydraulic and pneumatic applications, and since it’s introduction in 1982, PVL has sold over 1.6 million of these switches.

The PMN works off a low voltage, but for higher operating voltages or indeed mains voltage there is the option of the PSM pressure switch. This again is available in zinc plated steel, brass and stainless steel, and with a range of thread sizes, but also features a DIN plug connection which affords IP65 protection, suiting it for use in more environmentally demanding applications.

The PMN and PSM are just two of many in PVL’s extensive range of pressure switches , and choosing the right product for a given application is no trivial task. In addition to considering whether you want electromechanical or solid state operation, you need to consider factors such as cycle speed and life, pressure range, accuracy, the number of switch points and dead band. Happily, our hugely experienced team of qualified, multi-talented engineers is always on hand to talk through your application. And you can rest assured that we’ll always make an Olympian effort to ensure you get the right pressure switch for the job.

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August 2012

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