All-Plastic Flowmeter

The Rotoron RO all-plastic Flowmeter from Honsberg is a turbine design

Here at PVL we have a full range of flow technologies to choose from.
We think some sort of speed control would really add to the fun, and we think we have just the flow sensing technology to bring the Captive Media system to life. The Rototron RO all-plastic flowmeter from Honsberg is a turbine design that provides an output signal proportional to flow. The all-plastic design keeps the unit costs down and ensures compatibility with this particular medium. It’s easily installed, with no calming section required and a filter already built in. The turbine acts as the primary sensor, and its rotational speed is in linear proportion to the flow rate. Detection of rotational speed is via infrared light barrier, and the device comes fitted as standard with a 1m cable – easily long enough to reach the Captive Media box.

Average flow rates for males range from 1.26L/min for a healthy 14-45 year old down to 0.5L/min for those over the age of about 65. That fits perfectly within the ranges of the Rototron RO models, and would certainly add a new speed control dimension to the games. But it could go a stage further, too. Consider the RO-002 model with a flow range from 0.1-2L/min. If a flow well below 0.5L/min was detected, the output from the flowmeter could trigger the Captive Media box to suggest a prostate check might be in order. For a flow well above 1.3L/min, the Captive Media box might suggest that possibly you’ve drunk enough for the night, and that if you want an undisturbed night’s sleep, then it’s time to ease back.

We get all sorts of flowmeter questions here at PVL, and have a full range of technologies to choose from, including piston valve , piston inline, variable area , paddle , dynamic flap, rotor , turbine, gear wheel/screw , calorimetric, inductive , vortex , sight glass and orifice . We also have the in-house applications expertise to find the right product for any given need. So be assured that, no matter out of the ordinary your requirement may be, we’ll provide the perfect solution every time.

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September 2012

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