New TD1000 Digital Pressure Sensor is launched in the UK.

Switch distributer Pressure Vacuum Level (PVL) has launched Transducer Direct’s TD1000 digital pressure transducer in the UK. The new pressure transducer uses digital circuitry to measure strain/pressure, thus providing a more accurate reading than traditional analogue products.

Most transducers need to be programmed in the factory environment after they roll
of the production line. This means that the end user has to wait longer to receive the
product and runs the risk of buying devices that aren’t set up to exactly the right specifi cation as the result of human error; either their own or the manufacturers.

In contrast, the TD1000 is programmed by PVL according to the customer’s specifi cations before leaving the company’s Sussex offi ces, eliminating many of the possible
communication errors that could otherwise occur.

The TD1000 is an IP69K rated pressure transducer, ideal for harsh duty, automation, food and beverage and earth moving applications.

“The food and beverage industry is one of the harshest environments for automation
components such as sensors,” explained David Almond, head of sales and marketing at PVL. “High pressure and high temperature water and chemicals can penetrate or corrode almost any sensor housing, causing premature failures. Our IP69K-rated sensors and harsh duty quick connection cables all meet the stringent demands of the IP69K test standards and -have been tested to ensure proper chemical compatibility during their use in these harsh environments.”

A further benefi t is the TD1000’s advanced bridging technology, which will inform the user if one of the two built in bridges is damaged. This dual redundancy provides end user savings by reducing expenditure on maintenance and limiting downtime.

The digital technology built into the patented TD1000 ensures that the measured electrical signal and the corresponding output reading have greater noise tolerance, better accuracy and improved reliability. The TD1000 pressure transducer boasts an incredible 0.0025% accuracy, the highest in its class.

Most pressure transducers are analogue devices and, as a result, are not able to
take accurate measurements without conditioning. In contrast, the TD1000 eliminates the need for amplifying and fi ltering low-level signals, and ensures that the measurement is both recorded and transmitted digitally.

The new transducer can handle widely varying temperatures, making it ideal for applications such as petrochemicals processing or cryogenics. The device is also pressure water rated, which makes it ideal for mobile hydraulics, waste disposal
machinery and any other equipment that deploys high water pressure cleaning.

PVL gets switched on to digital pressure transducers
East Sussex based switch distributer launches innovative digital pressure transducer The TD1000 can have a temperature or pressure set point signal built-in as an option, which means it can also work as an alarm and a set-point indicator if required.

PVL’s new pressure transducer is composed of stainless steel in a one piece design. This reduces the potential for leak points, which are common in typical multipiece weld-on transducers.

“The process equipment and instrumentation sector should not be left behind as
technology moves from analogue to digital,” explained Almond. “You wouldn’t settle
for an analogue TV, radio or telephone so why use old technology in industry?”

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November 2012

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