IP69K-rated pressure transducer avoids downtime on outdoor machinery and
industrial vehicles

Operators of mobile machinery, like wood chippers that cost half a million dollars apiece, can’t afford to have their equipment standing idle due to maintenance problems. One of the chief issues is water ingress shorting out a transducer as a result of severe weather conditions or high pressure wash down.

The IP69K-rated TD1000 pressure transducer from UK switch distributor PVL is designed to shrug off such problems.

The TD1000 is manufactured by Transducers Direct, a US specialist in advanced industrial sensor technology for transducers, pressure transducers, and vacuum pressure transducers. The company also produces melt pressure transducers, linear transducers, pressure switches, flow switches, temperature switches, liquid level switches and digital display meters for quality, OEM and custom solutions.

It was an automotive wood chipper application that originally drove the American firm to develop the higher rated IP69K seal when working on a connector for the TD1000 pressure transducer.

The objective was to obviate the outdoor and wash down problems these applications experience.

In this particular case, the vehicle was a lorry attached to a large industrial wood chipper. Unlike the more common trailer-based contraptions that are fixed to the rear of a tractor or small truck, this vehicle is a specialist integrated unit. They are used all over the world, typically after a hurricane has devastated an area, to chew up and dispose of large fallen trees.

The water ingress problem, which primarily occurred when the machinery was being washed down but also happened during severe rain, persisted despite a protective gasket on the connector. All it takes is a small drop of water to short out the electrical transducer and cause the machine to go down creating considerable, expensive downtime.

World’s first IP69K pressure transducer
The result was an IP69K transducer with a regular mini-DIN connector for industrial applications. One advantage of the mini-DIN positive multi-threaded connector over conventional Packard clip-on connectors is its compact dimensions. A special O-ring design on both the connector and the transducer ensures the integrity of the seal.
IP69K extends the regular liquid ingress rating system to high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications. They have to be both dust-tight and able to withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning.

The IP69K test specifies a spray nozzle that is fed with 80°C water at 80–100bar and a flow rate of 14–16L/min. The nozzle is held 10–15 cm from the tested device at angles of 0°, 40°, 60° and 90° for 30 seconds each. The test device sits on a turntable that rotates once every 12 seconds - 5rpm.

The company believes it is the first in the world to provide IP69K electrical water
ingress protection on a pressure transducer. Since the manufacturer of the wood chipper machinery has changed over to the IP69K rated version of TD1000 pressure transducer, it has had zero fault operation due to water ingress.

PVL NEWSAnother use for the TD1000 is the irrigation or lawn sprinkling systems on golf courses, where outdoor transducers can be exposed to rain or water from the sprinklers themselves. They are also used in industrial plant, where splashing water or hydraulic oil may come into contact with a connection.

The mating cable assembly that provides the IP69K connection for the TD1000 is also available in a version with two LEDs. A green LED indicates that the sensor is receiving power. This is significant because, whenever there is an issue with a pressure transducer, the power to the sensor is one of the first things that should be checked. The TD1000 provides a visual indication that power is getting to the sensor without the need for multimeters or other such test equipment.

A red LED indicates the presence of a digital output for a pressure setting, a temperature setting or maintenance function. For example it indicates when one of the half-bridges within the pressure transducer has failed. The result is built-in self-diagnostics that other connectors can’t match.

An optional addition to the product is a 90 degree connector for tight spaces or any application where space is at a premium, something which can prove very useful on the valuable real estate of an industrial vehicle.

The combination of these features results in a product that is guaranteed to help keep outdoor machinery and industrial vehicles on the road, despite the demands of harsh weather conditions and a wet environment. Given the half a million dollar price tag of the wood chipper that the IP69K version of the TD1000 was originally developed for, uptime is not just desirable, it’s absolutely essential.

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November 2012

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