A level sensor ideal for interface layer measurement and for toxic liquids

Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, PVL’s new magnetostrictive level sensor, The Torrix, from German sensor specialist Fafnir, is accurate to 0.3mm and is therefore ideal for precise level measurement (allowing leak detection in smaller tanks for example)and has often been used in calibration rigs to check the accuracy of other level sensors.

A level sensor specifically designed for sticky and viscous liquids

Because of its use of conductive technology, PVL’s new potentiometric level sensor, The Condurix from German sensor specialist Fafnir, is ideal for delivering highly-accurate level data in even the most viscous fluids.

A thermal Limit Switch with ATEX approval

The LS 300 thermal level switch from German sensor specialist Fafnir has passed the requirements of the German Water Resources Act, and is specifically designed to prevent the overfill of polluting liquids.

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April 2013

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