Which Pressure devices work best in volatile environments

Some companies require pressure switches that will work in the most hostile environments.

PVL has a range of devices that are designated as being "Flameproof" or "Explosion Proof" and the demand for these products has risen sharply of late.

Need help selecting the correct flow meter?

With so many flow meters to choose from, it is all too easy for customers to select a product that might not be the best fit for their business.

Thankfully, PVL's experienced engineers are always on hand to offer expert advice - an invaluable feature of our business that you will struggle to find from rival suppliers.

What can we expect from the TDEPS Electronic Pressure Switch?

Transducers Direct has released the new TDEPS Electronic Pressure Switch with Relay Output - a device that is likely to appeal to companies that specialise in off road/mobile hydraulic applications.

Downtime can be very costly, so it is important that firms buy equipment that can work in volatile environments and this pressure switch certainly fits the bill.

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September 2013

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