Turn your iPad, iPod and iPod into a Digital Thermometer

PVL's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch add-on allows users to turn their devices into fully-functioning digital probes and thermometers.

Many engineers are already carrying a brilliant data processing instrument around in their pockets and these Apple devices can be easily converted into a work-related tool.

Simply select the right hardware probe for your application and the correct software is automatically downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store – Free!

The iCelsius range is as accurate and durable as other, more expensive industrial probes and can display actual temperature (°C or °F), create graphs, sound alerts, store and email data, and export it to Excel.

iCelsius Pro Temperature Probe

- Intuitive real-time temp measurement
- Plugs straight in to your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod
- Generates stunning graphs
- App included FREE on App store
- Temperature range -30º to 150º
- Accuracy ±0.2ºC @25º

BBQ & Food Temperature Probe

- Designed for measuring the temp of food
- Ideal for perfectly cooked steaks & pizzas
- Plugs straight in to your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod
- Temperature range -30º to +250º
- Accuracy ±1ºC @ 60º
- No set-up needed!

RH Temperature & Humidity Probe

- Intuitive temperature & humidity measurement
- Generate stunning graphs
- Set up temperature alarms
- Temperature range -40º to +120º
- Accuracy ±0.5ºC, 0-100%RH+2%
- Probe: 25mm Stainless Steel

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October 2013

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