GHM Group's UR3K Paddle Type with Reed Flow Switch

Flow switches come in many forms, ranging from paddle and piston-operated devices to variable area and oil-specific pieces of equipment.

If it is a paddle product you are looking for, the UR3K Paddle Type with Reed Flow Switch is worthy of consideration.
Made by GHM Group, this switch only costs £83.44 (plus VAT) and comes in brass or stainless steel.

The M1J Flow Indicator is ideal for monitoring oil

If you are looking for a device capable of monitoring the flow of oil, look no further than PVL.

We supply a number of products that are specifically designed to handle viscous substances, including the M1J Flow Indicator.
Manufactured by Honsberg, this piece of equipment is highly accurate and economical. It does not require any electrical supply, making it very cost-effective in the long run.

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November 2013

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