The L Series: A low-cost solution for tank level control

Simple to install and fully serviceable, Kelco's L Series Side Entry Level Switch is an ideal solution for monitoring the level of liquids in tanks.

Not only is it a low-cost product, it is also very cheap to run over time and is well suited to low-voltage, low-current applications.

The LVL Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Before selecting a liquid level switch, it is important that customers have a clear idea of what type of substances they need to measure.

Some products that are used to monitor water levels might not be suitable for use in fuel tanks, while firms may require something that works with acids or contaminated media.

The CLM-40 Capacitive Level Sensor

Directly mounted into a tank via a five-hole flange, the CLM-40 Capacitive Level Sensor is ideal for customers that need to continuously measure fuel levels.

Manufactured by Dinel, this product is easy to install, has no moving or mechanical parts and does not require any settings.

April 2014

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