Diaphragm Pressure Switch With ATEX

The ES-49 diaphragm pressure switch is part of the Italian Euroswitch range. The standard diaphragm is made from FKM fluoroelastomer, but can be manufactured in a wide range of other elastomers, including nitrile (NBR), EPDM, chloroprene (CR), silicone or HNBR.

FC ATEX temperature switch from Orion
This modular ATEX temperature switch handles volatile explosive atmosphere across a wide temperature range. Before selecting a temperature switch, it is vital to conduct a risk assessment to see if the device can work in explosive atmospheres as required.

Strain gauge load cells from Martens
Load cells are widely used to measure load, weight and force. Though load cells take many forms to accommodate the variety of uses throughout research and industrial applications, the majority of designs use strain gauges as the sensing element, whether foil or semiconductor.

December 2014

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