How to choose the right flow switch

PVL supplies a comprehensive selection of switches that can be used to monitor the flow of various media, which fall into several different types. Paddle flow switches are used for large line sizes, while piston types are designed for low flow rates in gases and liquids.

Multi-pulse Positive Displacement Flowmeter

In order for fluid flow to be measured, a positive displacement flowmeter requires the fluid stream to mechanically displace components in the meter. The Trimec Flow Products MP Multipulse series of medium capacity, positive displacement flowmeters uses a simple but reliable metering principle...

The HV Flow Indicator

The HV flow indicator offers the reliable display of transparent fluids. It has a signal-red turbine wheel that rotates in a glass tube proportional to the flow and offers an indication of the flow rate. The devices provides 360 degree vision and is built for a long working life thanks to the design of the turbine's bearings.

February 2015

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